Friday, 22 May 2015

Tours, Frankreich


Yes, I am still alive and I'm sorry! I had kind of a down, but now I'm back. Hope you missed me ;) 
I was in France for ten days, cause I took part in an exchange from school. I lived in a town called "Tours" and it was beautiful. I had such a lovely exchange partner, it was just perf. So, I hope you enjoy the pictures and next time you'll get more. I'm working on a video about my trip to Amsterdam last week. It will be my first video on YouTube and I'm a little bit excited, haha. 
Sok szerencset


Břízinka said...

Awesome!♥ Have you visited some good cafes which would be good to visit?:)

Violet Garden said...

Beautiful pictures *o*
I love the second one.
Have a nice day,
<3 Violet